What are your animals saying?

Teach them to TELL you with AnimalSign, a language animals can learn to communicate TO you.

Signing is NOT just for primates anymore!

Babies use Baby Sign®, gorillas use Gorilla Sign, now animals can use AnimalSign Language- a gestural language animals can use to extend their natural communication.

K9Sign for DOGS    EquineSign for HORSES    FelineSign for CATS
The language methods include enhancing communications, through gesturing, tapping, and vocalizing. We use what you and your animal prefer.

Enhanced interspecies communication with companion, service, working, rescue animals promotes trust, understanding, bonding, well-being, and improved skill at tasks, at home or at work.

Find out more:
  • In the revolutionary book: Dogs Can Sign, Too. A breakthrough method for teaching your dog to communicate to you, or
  • In the DVD explaining signing for horses.
  • About the latest signing and therapy work - working with animals and autistic children!

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Sean Senechal, MA.,
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