K9Sign for Dogs

K9Sign Language (Standard or Custom) enables dogs to expand their communication in various ways

Dogs learn to extend their gestural & behavioral and oral communications by linking:
  • Common gestures to new useful and fun meanings,
       Food, Toy, Play, Alert, Go, Hug, Scratch,
  • New gestures to new meanings,
       Chicken, Liver, Ball, Leash, Water, Too Loud, Scratch, Watch OUT, Phone, Keys
  • Behaviors to new meanings,
       Fire, Leak, Step UP, Stop, Go On, Door, Calm
  • Vocalization to specific meanings,
       Man at Door, Pick Up, Scratch, Feed Me, Come, Alert, Play

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"A dog working with an autistic child can respond to any method the child can communicate with: gestures, cards, or vocal methods. Both the dog and child exchange mutual communications, enriching the bonding and functioning."

Sean Senechal